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Years of experience at your service


Andy Leadbeatter

Managing Director

Andy has been in the electrical industry since 2004 and has a wide range of experience from conducting installations, running efficient service departments and ethical sales teams. Andy’s Philosophy is do it once do it well, a drive for perfection is what influences his team.


Nathan Ryan

Energy Freedom Facilitator

Nathan has a passion for connecting with people. Nathan’s on your side, working hard for you to find the right solution. ​Nathan is constantly seeking out opportunities to give back, where the broader community is a beneficiary of the solar industry.


Jared O'Cass

PV Sales & Procurement

Jared has been in the electrical industry since 2012 and has a wide range of experience including facilitating supply contracts for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Jared always strives for best benefit & outcomes for all customers.


Sam Tinsey

Service Manager

Sam and his team will support you regardless of where you purchased your solar system. His team takes pride in their work and always leave any site better than when they arrived.


Lauren Harbrow

Office Manager

Lauren has a focus on customer service and getting the job done well. She is the backbone of the admin processes and responsible for accounts.


Helen Luck

Customer Service

Helen goes out of her way to help. Her approach to customer service is straight forward and efficient.


Bert Ryan

Service Technician

Bert is a member of the service team. He takes great pride in his work and is keen to get the job done right.