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Helping customers retain control of their energy usage - that is what we do. Get in touch to start your money saving journey.

Residential Solar Power

If you’re looking for residential solar power in NSW, we have a local trusted expert who can assist you with your enquiry.

We are committed to tailoring a solution to maximise the reduction of your electricity usage, we do this by analysing your usage patterns, understanding what your lifestyle is like, and make-a-plan with you from there.

Our main aim is to help our customers understand the return on investment a solar power system can provide. With clever strategies and careful system design, great things are possible.

Commercial Solar Power

If your business is predominantly operating in Daylight hours then Solar Generation is an amazing investment.

Regardless of whether you are the landlord or the tenant, commercial solar works. 
Our range of commercial finance packages means that in the vast majority of cases the project is cash-flow positive from day 1!
Join the thousands of business’ leveraging solar as an edge over their competition.
Allow one of our commercial consultants explain how this works. 

Solar Power Monitoring Systems

We partner with Solar Analytics to provide you with unparalleled access to see how your system is working for you.


You will not only see how much you are producing but also how much you are using. Basically, in real time.


This monitoring system is available for residential and commercial use.


We believe you can’t change what you can’t see, maximise your solar potential by accessing the amazing range of products we offer.


Andy is the General Business Manager who overseas operations in the Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens and Hunter Valley regions.


Andy has been in the electrical industry since 2004 and has a wide range of experience from conducting installations, running efficient service departments and ethical sales teams.


Andy’s Philosophy is do it once do it well, a drive for perfection is what influences his team.


Many General Managers are hard to contact, Andy makes himself available at any available opportunity to every customer. 


Andy believes in clear communication and honest upfront dealings.


Nathan has a deep passion for connecting with people. 

The Solar industry allows Nathan to meet some truly wonderful people and what he looks forward to the most…is hearing people’s story. Interacting with people who make the most, and the best of their situation, is a real inspiration for Nathan.

Nathan’s on your side, working hard for you to find the right solution. Not content in just providing information from a distance, Nathan wants to meet you, to find out where you want to be, to understand how a real beneficial outcome can be found for your home.

Nathan is a keen cricketer, and his 4 boys have followed this passion. Community and team work are a very important part of his focus. 

Nathan, together with Reclaim Energy, is constantly seeking out opportunities to give back, where the broader community is a beneficiary of the solar industry.

Connect with Nathan and go an exceptional journey with him toward creating your own Energy Freedom.


Jon has been a local on the Mid North Coast for over 45 years having a back ground in the electrical industry and working directly in the solar industry for 8 years. This experience allows Jon to give you a good understanding and knowledge of how solar and battery storage systems would benefit you the most.

Jon has the belief that honesty is the most important aspect to the solar industry. If you are in need of good advice then Jon would be pleased to assist you on how you can achieve the best outcome from your investment.