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Central Coast Local Area

The gorgeous Central Coast sits on the coast between Newcastle and Sydney. With its coastal feel, but metropolitan enough to have all the recourses at your fingertips, it’s no wonder the Central Coast is so popular. The regions boundaries are the Hawkesbury River in the south, to the west are the Watagan Mountains, and the south sites on the Sydney basin.

The City of Gosford is the main commercial hub of the area. Here you will find whatever you need – car yards, department stores, a vast mix of multicultural cuisines, all within a short distance of beach towns and great surf. To visit some of the best surf towns in the area, head to:

  • Terrigal
  • Avoca Beach
  • The Entrance
  • Boolaroo
  • Copacabana
  • Ettalong Beach
  • Umina Beach

Solar energy for locals, by locals in the Central Coast

Reclaim solar are expert at delivering the best workmanship with the best customer service. They understand the weather conditions that locals in the Central Coast area are hit with, so understand the importance of a solar installation that not only suits the requirements but can stand the test of time. Salt water and salty winds can play havoc on your solar panels, so it’s a good thing Reclaim Solar understand the local conditions. If you want to know that your solar panels are being looked after by a true local, no need to look further than Reclaim Solar Energy.

Solar energy you can trust

The solar energy industry is booming in Australia, with a high demand due to incentives by the government. However, this has also led to an increase in installers with low experience or knowledge of how to deliver the best products and services. Reclaim Solar Energy is a SMA Powerup Partner to give you peace of mind, that your installers will be fully qualified and trained to install and service your solar system with a competent and professional team. It also means you will get an additional 5-year warranty and Clean Energy Council accreditation.

Servicing department to get the most out of your solar

Did you know that Reclaim Energy also have a service department? Solar panels are not set-and-forget! We provide services to keep your solar producing the most energy it can in the most efficient manner, especially for the residents of areas in the Central Coast, from the northern end up near Lake Macquarie, down to the tip of Sydney.

Solar panel cleaning

Clean panels are efficient panels. A routine clean will see your panels operating at maximum efficiency and keep your savings coming. Get the salty spray brought in by the Tasman Sea, off your solar panels.

Maintenance plan

Reclaim Energy have a range of maintenance plans available, from low touch check-ins to a proactive service that offers peace of mind. This regular maintenance will make sure your system is running correctly and producing the savings you expected, tracking your savings to your bill.

System reporting

Reclaim Solar can provide you with a comprehensive system report. The report will identify all the issues that exist in your system and provide a list of recommendations including the anticipated impact of implementing those recommendations.

Solar monitoring

Solar analytics shows you what is going on with your solar system in real time. It’s simple to use and can be synced up to viewed on any smartphone or computer, making it easily monitored and accessible. It gives you access to:

  • Solar production levels
  • Home energy consumption
  • System performance analysis
  • System fault notifications
  • Battery monitoring
  • Monthly reports

Reclaim Solar in the Central Coast

Reclaim Solar in the Central Coast

As locals, we know that the Central Coast has the best the world has to offer. A weekend can be lazed away at Pearl Beach (if you stick to the southern end of the beach!) or a hike up to Warrah Lookout to view the Hawksbury River below – the Central Coast is the perfect getaway spot – but an even better place to live.

All the locals know where to not eat your takeaway fish and chips at The Entrance to not get your lunch stolen by a pelican, and that the free Gosford commuter car park is the easiest way to carpool.

That’s why if you are looking to save money on your electrical bill and interesting in going with a reputable, experienced team in the Central Coast, you should call the locals at Reclaim Solar Energy. We can tailor suit a solar system to suit your individual needs. Whether it is a small granny flat, or a multiple building industrial company set up you’re after, we have the right services to help you. Use our online form to get in touch, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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