Peace of mind is a well maintained solar system that saves you money and keeps the benefits coming for years


Common solar issues we fix are

  • Faulty Inverter
  • Dirty, unproductive panels
  • Lack of Performance and Financial Return
  • Poor Workmanship
  • DC Isolators

SYSTEM Health Check

Our Solar system health check gives you peace of mind.


Routine Solar Panel Cleaning

Clean panels are efficient panels.  A routine clean will see your panels operating at maximum efficiency and keep your savings coming!

Recommended Maintenance Plan

Reclaim offers you a range of maintenance plans from low touch checkins to ensure that you system is running and producing the savings you anticipate to proactive service that offers peace of mind. 

Comprehensive system report

Reclaim can provide you with a comprehensive system report.  The report will identify all the issues that exist in your system and provide a list of recommendations with the impact of implementing those recommendations.

Solar analytics Residential

Add Solar Monitoring

Solar analytics shows you what is going on with your solar system.  It's simple to use and can be viewed on any smartphone or computer.  

Seeing is believing

Solar analytics allows you to see just how much you are saving.  


Service Plans

A plan for everyone starting from $26 a year!

Proactive Monitoring

Get more value from your system

from $26

per year

Proactive monitoring


System Health Check

Maximise your solar savings

from $99

1 Off

panels cleaned

system report

Proactive Maintenance

Peace of mind

from $199

per year

Annual panel clean

Annual report




Chat to our team

What the cost of peace of mind? Our team is waiting to understand your solar system, your usage and how it can be improved so that you can reclaim the maximum time and money!   It all starts with a chat. (02) 4063 4312. 

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Peace of mind

Are you sure your system is producing the maximum output? Do you have a faulty inverter and you don't know about it?  Our expert team is dedicated to providing you with the best service in the Hunter region.  With years of experience with thousands of systems we have seen it all!



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Our service team is keen to help.


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Reclaim Solar Energy has signed on to the Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct, a voluntary scheme authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Companies that have signed on to the code have committed to provide a higher standard of quality and service, raising the bar in the solar industry. They will also provide a minimum five-year whole of system and installation warranty on solar power systems.